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Who We Are
‎Taste of your childhood‎

‎Organic Dumplings Dubai is a place where you can order fresh halal semi-finished products and pastries: dumplings, pies and other dishes from Russian (and not only Russian) cuisine, all of which can be delivered to your doorsteps.‎

‎Everything is hand cooked using organic products and prepared especially for you.‎

‎If you like delicious homemade food and you choose products carefully; if it is important to you who cooked the food and how, then we have a lot in common.‎


‎In a big city like Dubai, we don’t often have enough time to choose good quality products and cook them with love. We want delicious and healthy homemade food, cooked with this main ingredient - love, to be in every home.‎

COVID-19 update
  • Our stuff is fully vaccinated 
Meet Our Founder
‎My name is Yulia Belial, I was born in Russia and have been living in Dubai for 10 years. Here, I completed an MBA program in Logistics and Supply Chain Management.‎

‎I grew up in a Muslim family in a small town on the banks of Volga River. Women in my family planted all the food, which they then cooked. Since childhood, I have been eating fresh organic meat, fish, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables. That's why we at Organic Dumplings Dubai only cook from organic products, following the original recipes that were passed on to me from both my mother and grandmother.‎

‎I started the company during the pandemic when I had time to cook at home. My first customers were friends. At some point, there were a lot of orders, and I hired a helper. She is from Kyrgyzstan, where the secret of making dough is passed from mother to daughter.‎

‎ I am not only founder of my own little business, but also a mother of two children and am faced with the fact that nurseries and schools in Dubai lack hot meals. Therefore, in Organic Dumplings you can order healthy and delicious lunchbox friendly food for children, which is convenient to take with you.‎

‎In addition, our menu includes dishes for vegetarians, vegans and people with gluten intolerance.‎

Organic Dumplings Dubai are:

Only handmade dumplings.‎

Organic ingredients.‎

‎Environmentally friendlier packaging.‎

Meet Our Team
Nilufar (on the left) is from Tajikistan. She has more than 10 years of experience as a dumpling maker

Shakhzoda is from Uzbekistan. She has got an international expirience as a dumpling maker. Shakhzoda used to work in Uzbekistan as well as Thailand.
Yulia Belial, our founder

Mira (on the right) is from Kyrgystan. She has more than 30 years of experience as a dumpling maker.

tel: +971 55 950 9467
Villa 426a, Al Satwa St.
Al Bada’a
Dubai, UAE
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